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Delta Bessborough Hotel - Saskatoon  Travel Guide

Delta Bessborough Hotel 

601 Spadina Crescent East
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, S7K 3G8
Telephone Number: (306) 244 5521

One of the city's most distinguished landmarks is the elegant Delta Bessborough Hotel. You’ll hear local Saskatonians calling it The Bessborough, or, more colloquially, "The Bess" (phonetically, “the Bez”.) The hotel was built in the 1930s during the Great Depression and was designed to resemble a Bavarian castle. Its original purpose was to be a railway hotel, built by the CNR, a federal crown corporation, as a make-work project.

The hotel has passed out of the ownership of the CNR and has survived several changes in ownership, as well as the suggestion that it be demolished in order to restore the riverbank. Positioned on five acres of private waterfront gardens, it is nestled between two riverfront parks on the South Saskatchewan River.

The Bessborough and the Mendel Art Gallery are currently the only two major structures located on the river side of Spadina Crescent. Over the years, the Bessborough has become Saskatoon's most iconic symbol and most recognizable skyline feature; one of the most frequently-circulated photographs depicting Saskatoon is of the hotel framed in one of the arches of the Broadway Bridge.

The hotel’s address is 601 Spadina Crescent East.

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601 Spadina Crescent East,Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,S7K 3G8

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